Single Review: Loïc Nottet & Laura Tesoro – Strangers

Belgian Eurovision stars Loïc Nottet and Laura Tesoro record duet
Between 2015 and 2017, Belgium managed to finish top 10 in the Eurovision Song Contest three years in a row. The first two were thanks to Loïc Nottet and Laura Tesoro. Nottet managed to finish 4th in 2015 with ‘Rhythm Inside’, while Tesoro reached the 10th place the year after with ‘What’s The Pressure’. Both artists continued to have successful careers in their home country, with Nottet releasing two albums including great singles like ‘On Fire’ and ‘Heartbreaker’, while Tesoro dropped her debut album Limits last year. Now the two artists team up on their brand new single ‘Strangers’.

‘Strangers’ was co-written by Tesoro, Nottet, Amy Morrey and Alex Germys, who also produced the song. The contemporary pop song kicks off with Nottets verse, after which Tesoro delivers the second one and they take on the chorus (and that pop perfection serving post chorus!) together. The structure of this pure pop tune is a classic one, while the production delivers the sound of 2020. The lyrics are about a couple who are holding on to a love affair, while they both know that it isn’t working out for them anymore. Both Nottet and Tesoro shine vocally and the track has hooks in all the right places to become a big radio hit in Belgium and hopefully beyond.

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