Single Review: MARINA – Man’s World

MARINA returns with a clear message on new single ‘Man’s World’
MARINA (formerly known as Marina & the Diamonds) is not letting us wait as long for new music as she did with her last album cycle. Her fourth record Love + Fear came out in spring of 2019 and she is ready to move into the next era. After giving us To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You soundtrack song ‘About Love’ earlier this year, she is now releasing her proper new single titled ‘Man’s World’.

MARINA wrote ‘Man’s World’ all on her own and co-produced it with Jennifer Decilveo. In terms of style, it is somewhat of a return to the MARINA we heard and loved on her debut The Family Jewels and third record FROOT. The instrumentation is piano driven and MARINA properly shows off her signature vocal style with loads of high notes. The first verse builds up to a strong, but very brief chorus. Luckily, MARINA has another melodic trick up her sleeve, with a high pitched soaring post chorus that kicks in after the second chorus.

As the title suggests, ‘Man’s World’ has a strong message about the world we live in. “Mother nature’s dying. Nobody’s keeping score. I don’t wanna live in a man’s world anymore”, she states in the chorus. The first verse serves smart and powerful lyrics, but unfortunately the second pales in comparison with words and lines that just don’t seem to flow well with the rhythm. In the post-chorus, her diction sometimes suffers from the high notes she reaches, so it is helpful to read the lyrics once while you’re listening.

‘Man’s World’ is a return to what could be described as MARINA’s signature style with a strong message. It’s not her best lead single, but it is good to have her back relatively soon!

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  1. Nice review. 🙂 I agree that this is quite a return to form for Marina after her last Love + Fear album felt fairly lack-luster after the soaring heights of Froot.

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