Single Review: Dotter – New Year

Dotter kicks off the year with all the feels on ‘New Year’
Dotter had the biggest year of her career yet in 2020 after finishing second in Melodifestivalen (the Swedish preselection for Eurovision) with her song ‘Bulletproof’. She dropped the irresistible summer jam ‘Backfire’ a couple of months later, and treated us to a stunning Swedish Christmas song just a few weeks ago with ‘Vintern Jag Var Sexton’. But Dotter not only recorded a Christmas tune, she also made one for the start of the new year. She kicks of 2021 with all the feels on ‘New Year’.

Dotter (stage name of Johanna Jansson) co-wrote ‘New Year’ with Swedish artist Robin Stjernberg, who represented his country in Eurovision 2013. The pace on this tune is a bit slower than on most of the work we have heard from Dotter, but it perfectly fits the feelings of melancholy a lot of us experience at the start of a new year. “This year I wanna dance, I wanna take all my chances”, she sings over the swaying chorus, echoing the way we all feel after everything that happened in 2020. ‘New Year’ is a moody ballad that serves the drama, big vocals, the new years blues, but also hope and a ray of light.

And there is still hope for 2021, because Dotter is gonna return to Melodifestivalen! She will participate with a song titled ‘Little Tot’ and I for one can’t wait to hear it!

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