Single Review: London Grammar – Lose Your Head

London Grammar drops third single taken from upcoming third album
London Grammar made a glorious return in the summer of 2020 with the single ‘Baby It’s You’, that sounded quintessentially like them and like a fresh new direction at the same time. The British trio released the title track to their forthcoming album Californian Soil, out on the 12th of February, a couple of months later and single number three is now here. It is titled ‘Lose Your Head’ and it is simply put another masterpiece.

‘Lose Your Head’, co-written and co-produced by the three members together with George FitzGerald, follows the more electronic and upbeat path they took on ‘Baby It’s You’, but in a slightly more understated way. London Grammar has shown before that they do now how to lay down a subtle build up in a track and they perfect the art here. Hannah Reid’s angelic vocals own the track from start to finish with the hypnotic repetition of the lines ‘You say you miss me now, what a way to lose your head’ while the adventurous production behind her just keeps swelling. It is great to see how they are broadening their soundscape without losing the dreamy and mysterious atmosphere they are known for. Simply stunning!

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