Single Review: Dotter – Little Tot

Dotter makes glorious return to Melodifestivalen with ‘Little Tot’
Remember when Dotter missed out on winning Melodifestivalen (the Swedish preselection for Eurovision) by just one point last year? Her song ‘Bulletproof’, performed with an inonic light show, finished in second place, but the eventual winners The Mamas didn’t go to Eurovision either, as the whole event got cancelled, because of Covid-19. Both Dotter and The Mamas return to the Swedish competition this year. Dotter managed to book herself a spot in the grand final during Saturday night’s second heat with her new track ‘Little Tot’.

Dotter was the clear favorite in this heat and she delivered and then some. ‘Little Tot’ is a wild pop tune with a massive chorus. The track could be described as slightly darker and edgier than ‘Bulletproof’ with a deep house beat in the verses and first chorus. From the second chorus on, the track completely breaks open and turns out to be an absolute earworm. The main hook is impeccable and the repetition of the line ‘you don’t wanna be like us’ in the post chorus is very clever. In the lyrics, Dotter addresses the younger generation (she used to be called ‘little tot’ when she was a kid), warning them not to let their egos get in the way like us adults do. A bop with a message!

Dotter also delivered a performance that is completely ready to take over the Eurovision stage. The staging perfectly underlines the mood of the song and puts emphasis on the strong hooks and edges in the production. The choreography works very well with the deep house elements of the song and Dotter is as convincing vocally as she is on screen. While still looking very sleek and streamlined, the performance does not seem as rehearsed second by second as ‘Bulletproof’ did, which gives Dotter the freedom to let her personality shine through a bit more. And she shines!

‘Little Tot’ is the current favorite to win Melodifestivalen, but half of the songs still haven’t been performed yet. It is still a bit early to call, but ‘Little Tot’ would surely be a very exciting Swedish Eurovision entry. Either way, I am happy to see Dotter do so well. Hopefully she can finally launch an album off the back of the success of ‘Little Tot’!

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