Gustavo Cardoso (24), Uberlândia, Brazil

Hi, I’m Gus, I’m a philosophy student, currently living in Brazil, but I consider myself a cosmopolitan citizen, as I see culture as a collection of details we love about the world. Therefore, any geographical boundary is nothing but a stereotype. For me, music is either an exercise on poetry or a true soul filling sound which only the classics could achieve ( We see you mr Beethoven!). I love me some folk, because its heavily influenced by organic poetry and, as someone  born in Brazil , romance language music tend to rely more on its poetic strenghts rather than its sound core. My favourite artists are mostly Bossa-nova singers like  Vinicius de Moraes and João Gilberto, but also Brazilian popular music artists including Elis Regina. I also love the bands Amatorski, Bon Iver, MGMT, Radiohead and Fleet Foxes. Last but not least I truly enjoy pop artists like Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding, Bjork , Oh Land, Coeur de Pirate, James Vincent Mcmorrow and RHODES. I also cannot deny I know every single lyric to Lady Gaga’s The Fame album! I’m always open to new music so let’s start sharing!