Marjolein’s Best of 2016


2016 has come to an end and with A Bit of Pop Music’s Fan Panel we look back at all the highs and lows of the year for the very last time. Here is Marjolein’s take on 2016 in popular music!

Best Singles

01. Bastille – Good Grief
“After endlessly playing their hit ‘Pompeii’, Bastille finally came back with new music. The comeback single ‘Good Grief’ immediately got stuck in my head and never really left. The lyrics are beautiful and they have created such a special sound. Without a doubt my favourite song of 2016!”

02. Adele – Water Under The Bridge
“With every single song this woman makes, I can just say: WOW! Her last album 25 is full of pearls like ‘Million Years Ago’ and ‘When We We’re Young’, but ‘Water Under The Bridge’ is definitely the one that touched me the most. I can’t get over how awesome Adele is!”

03. Lady Gaga – Million Reasons
“I waited in anticipation a long time for Lady Gaga’s comeback. When I heard ‘Million Reasons’ for the first time, I had to get used to it a little bit, but by the third time it came around, I was completely sold. What a great and powerful song!”

Best Albums

01. Lady Gaga – Joanne
“I was so happy when Lady Gaga finally made her return and the album completely made my day when I first heard it. I have to admit I didn’t fall head over heels in love with every single song, but most of them are great, with some seriously meaningful lyrics!”

02. Sia – This Is Acting
“I am and always will be a fan of this amazing singer. Sia has such a special voice with a beautiful tone that is so easy to recognize. Her songwriting is next level and the productions on this record are all flawless. I can’t wait for the day I will see her live for the first time.”

03. Kensington – Control
“I’m usually not very interested in music from my own country, but Kensington is great, by far the best band The Netherlands has to offer at the moment. They created such a distinctive sound for themselves and every single song hits home.”

Best Videos

“I have to admit I wasn’t impressed with the music videos this year, but there was one that I can keep watching over and over again: ‘Cheap Thrills’ by Sia and Sean Paul. I have probably seen it over a 100 times and every single view I see some new details. And I know what you are wondering right now… Did she try those dance moves herself? Yes, I did!”

Most Anticipated Comeback for 2017:
“As a big Glee fan (yes I do own all dvd boxes and I know every single episode by heart), I am really excited for Lea Michele’s comeback. I was sad when the series came to an end but luckily Lea was there to save the day with her debut record Louder. The follow up is coming in 2017 and I’m curious to see and hear in what direction she is going.”

New(ish) Artist to Watch in 2017:
First of all I would like to tip Dutch girlband O’G3ne. After winning The Voice of Holland they will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev and hopefully they will gain some international success, just like The Common Linnets did. I’m also expecting great things from Spencer Sutherland. This guy can do way more than great covers. Hopefully some great solo stuff is around the corner!