Single Review: Adele – When We Were Young

Adele 25 cover art

Check out A Bit of Pop Music’s track by track album review of 25.

Adele premieres new track from upcoming album
The world is waiting for this friday, because that is the day when Adele will launch her brand new album 25. After the all destroying success of ‘Hello’ the singer premiered a brand new song of the record called ‘When We Were Young’. Adele did a live performance of it in a church as part of a television show. Not surprisingly, it is another big ballad with larger than life vocals. Just how we like it, right?

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Single Review: Adele – Hello

Adele 25 cover

Check out A Bit of Pop Music’s track by track review of 25.

Adele starts big comeback with new single ‘Hello’
The world has been waiting for Adele to return for four years after the release of her hugely successful second album 21. The singer started to announce details of her big comeback in the past week and now, faster than we expected, her brand new single called ‘Hello’ is actually out. She teased the track in a commercial on British television last weekend. It’s the first taste of her third album, of course called 25, and it seems we have to prepare for another long period of Adele completely reigning the charts worldwide. ‘Hello’ is huge and will be all over radio, the internet and wherever you can imagine for the next few weeks.

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