Album Review: Florence + the Machine – How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

Florence + the Machine What Kind Of Man

Florence + the Machine subtle but powerful on dynamic new rcord
We had to wait a long time for this. Florence + the Machine took four years to launch their third album called How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. After the big and bombastic second album Ceremonials from 2011 it was interesting to hear how Florence Welch had developed in those years out of the spotlight and it turns out, she kept all the good qualities of her musical output so far, but did shake things up more than a little with a more subtle and restrained approach.

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Album Review: Taylor Swift – 1989

Taylor Swift 1989 album cover

Taylor Swift receives rave reviews and sells shitloads. Is 1989 really that good?

The transformation of country light Taylor Swift to full on pop Taylor Swift was completed earlier this year when she released her new single ‘Shake It Off’. The album that followed earlier this week, called 1989, does not contain any recognizable country influences anymore, but focuses fully on big pop choruses. While this transition might alienate some fans, it also already attracts a whole new audience. The singer is selling enormous amounts of albums and even the critics are almost unanimously praising what Taylor herself called ‘her best work so far’. Now the big question is: is 1989 really that good?

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