Single Review: Mapei – Change

Mapei Change cover

Mapei releases highly anticipated follow-up single

The American born and Stockholm raised singer Mapei made waves on the internet in October when she released the exquisite single ‘Don’t Wait’. Over the past few months the song kept growing in popularity, and now, more than seven months later, she is ready to release the next single from her forthcoming debut album. On tuesday she launched the song ‘Change’. If you expect a ‘Don’t Wait’ part 2, you might be disappointed. If you expect a great pop track, you are in for a treat.

Mapei Change pic

Mapei used to operate as a rapper in the Swedish underground scene, but received international recognition with the release of ‘Don’t Wait’, which shows the girl can sing as well. Lots of people expected great things from her, including me, as I put her in my list of most promising artists for this year. ‘Change’ is the first new material we hear from her since the release of this successful single and although it is hard to compare the two, she definitely does not disappoint. ‘Change’ is a great pop track with a strong and powerful chorus that show off Mapei’s raspy vocals perfectly.

‘Don’t Wait’ impressed with its laidback vibe, absolutely excellent production and subtle but irrestibly catchy melody and chorus. Although ‘Change’ can not yet match the brilliance of its predecessor, it still is a great track that shows a whole different side to Mapei as an artist. The track and especially the chorus, are a lot more ‘in your face’, which works with her distinctive vocals as well. Once again, the production with the rolling drums is very much on point. While ‘Don’t Wait’ had some influences from R&B, ‘Change’ is more of a straightforward pop record, but still her past in hiphop is recognizable in both tracks. Her personal mark is all over both of the tracks and makes me all the more excited for her debut album Hey Hey, that will be released in September.