Video Review: Say Lou Lou – Nothing But A Heartbeat

Say Lou Lou Nothing But A Heartbeat video

Say Lou Lou invite fans into their dream worlds in short film
The Swedish-Australian twin sister pop duo Say Lou Lou has released a video for their latest single ‘Nothing But A Heartbeat’. The girls have been teasing us with a lot of photos and short fragments of this project they are very excited about. They premiered the short film about lucid dreaming (a dream in which the dreamer realizes the events are not real) on the internet earlier today and I have to say I am impressed by this moving work.

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Single Review: Sumera – Wolf


Sumera is ready for a big breakthrough with exciting new single ‘Wolf’
Sometimes I come across these artists who are exceptionally good, but do not get enough recognition yet. Sumera is one of these musicians, but probably not for long. The singer rose to fame in the Netherlands when she partcipated in X Factor, but after this, she decided to go her own way and released her debut EP Stop Heart independently. Now, two years later, she is back with new material. This week, she premiered the video for the exciting new single, called ‘Wolf’.

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