Eurovision 2018 Final: Review & Results

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Eurovision 2017 Final: Review, Results and Analysis

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Eurovision 2016 Final: Review, Results and Analysis

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Song of the Day: Lena – Wild & Free

Lena - Wild & Free

It is about two months ago that Lena released her fourth studio album called Crystal Sky. It seems she and her team want to move on already as her brand new single ‘Wild & Free’ just premiered on German radio. The track is not included on the album, but might have something to do with the soundtrack of a new German comedy. This is not confirmed however and all we know for sure is that the track will be released on the 11th of September and that it is another catchy pop tune, like you would expect from the former Eurovision winner.

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A Bit of Pop Music’s Guide to Melt Festival

Melt Festival

On the 16th of July it is finally time for the kick-off of Melt Festival in Germany. On thursday evening a pre-party takes place and from friday to sunday artists from all around the world visit the place to perform at the main festival. Are you going, but haven’t had time to look into all the wonderful acts that will be performing? No worries, if you are into some great pop music in all shapes and colors, check out A Bit of Pop Music’s guide to Melt Festival. I selected all the acts I think you should check out!

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Song of the Day: Ann Sophie – I Don’t Know Where I’m Going

Ann Sophie Silver Into Gold cover

Last Saturday the Eurovision Song Contest took place, and although I agreed with a lot of the points given, there were a few injustices to be found in the results as well. One of them was the last place for Germany. Soul/pop singer Ann Sophie took spot 26 (tied with Austria) and did receive exactly zero points! How could that have happened? She sang the perfectly fine and catchy soulful pop track ‘Black Smoke’ with passion and she sounded and looked great!

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Album of the Week: Ann Sophie – Silver Into Gold

Ann Sophie Silver Into Gold cover

Ann Sophie is the German contestant of the Eurovision Song Contest of 2015 in Vienna. She will sing her outstanding soulful pop track ‘Black Smoke’ in the big final, but she proves she is not a one trick pony on her debut album Silver Into Gold that she just released. The record could be described as a mix between pop and soul with strong vocals and enough diversity in terms of style of the songs.

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