Introducing: Janet Devlin / Wonderful + Hide and Seek Review

Janet Devlin Wonderful cover

Janet Devlin debuts own material with single and album release

It has been two years since the then sixteen-years-old singer Janet Devlin auditioned for the British X Factor. The singer wowed the judges and the public with a heartfelt rendition of ‘Your Song’ by Elton John. She turned out to be one of the big favourites to win the competition, but ended up in the fifth spot. After the show, Devlin did not sign with a major record label, but decided to follow her own path. The singer collected a budget to record her first album via Pledge Music. The first single, ‘Wonderful’, was released this week outside Pledge as well.

Although Janet Devlin did not win X Factor, she was the public’s favourite in the first few live shows, when she performed songs like ‘Fix You’, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ and ‘I Can’t Help Falling In Love’. In her last weeks in the show she sang more up tempo songs like ‘Mmmbop’ and ‘Kiss Me’, which was less successful. With her new single ‘Wonderful’, she proves she is capable of singing an up tempo track as well. ‘Wonderful’ is a sweet, breezy and catchy pop number with an infectious ‘tutudu’ chorus. It fits perfectly with Janet’s soft and endearing vocal style.

Her debut album Hide And Seek, that was released last summer for people who supported her on Pledge Music, contains more strong up and mid tempo pop tracks. ‘Creatures Of The Night’ is an interesting composition with a great chorus and ‘Pick Me Up’ is definitely one of the standout tracks with a soaring melody and great vocals. Luckily, these captivating vocals get enough moments to fully shine on the album. On gorgeous ballads like ‘Crown Of Thorns’ and ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’ Janet shows she has incredible talent to tell emotional stories with her fragile vocal style. Title track ‘Hide And Seek’ and ‘When We Were Young’ sound beautiful and mature. Hide And Seek is an impressive debut of the young singer, even more so when taken into account that she co-wrote all of the tracks on the record. After the worldwide release of single ‘Wonderful’, the album will probably get an official release early next year. This is a good thing, because more people should hear what Janet Devlin is capable of.