Eurovision 2015 Semi Final 2: Review, results and analysis

Latvia Aminata Eurovision
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On thursday night, Europe chose another ten finalists for the Eurovision Song Contest of 2015 that takes place in Vienna, after Conchita’s victory last year. Luckily, the quality of most songs and performances was slightly better in this round which made for an enjoyable show. No big surprises in terms of results: I even predicted all ten finalists right. But enough about me, let’s talk about the performances.

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Interview Maraaya: ‘We want people to feel what we feel during our performance’

Maraaya Eurovision

Slovenia chose a married couple to represent the country this year. The duo Maraaya won the national final with the catchy song ‘Here For You’. A 13th place by Maja Keuc in 2011 is the best Slovenian result in 10 years and there are high hopes that Marjetka and Raay will top this, as their song is in top 10 with the bookmakers. But what is it like to go to Eurovision as a married couple? And do they feel the weight of the hopeful Slovenian people on their shoulders?

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