Introducing: Douwe Bob (Netherlands, Eurovision Song Contest 2016)

Douwe Bob
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Is Douwe Bob the right choice for Eurovision 2016?
Last week it was announced that The Netherlands will be represented by Douwe Bob in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2016. Just like last year, the country is early in announcing the news, as the show will take place in May, but AVROTROS, the Dutch broadcaster in charge of the Eurovision selection, made clear that the track won’t be premiered until February. So all we have so far is a name: Douwe Bob. Who is he and is he a promising name to bring the Netherlands success in Eurovision again after Trijntje Oosterhuis’ disappointing result?

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Introducing: Tessa Boomkamp

Tessa Boomkamp
Image Source: Tessa Boomkamp Facebook.
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Tessa Boomkamp shows herself to be a power woman on second record
In the Netherlands Tessa Boomkamp might not need an introduction anymore. The singer, guitarist and drummer played in the bands of respected Dutch artists like Marco Borsato, Normaal and the Edwin Eversband and so a lot of people have seen her live in action, without maybe even realizing they were looking at this power woman. She released her second solo album called Shot in May 2015 and she makes clear for everyone who did not realize it yet: she can do it on her own!

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