Single Review: Jessie Ware – Tough Love

Jessie Ware Tough Love Single Cover Art

New Jessie Ware single is sexy summer breeze

Jessie Ware was one of the most exciting new talents in pop when she released her debut album Devotion late 2012. She managed to distinguish herself from everyone else out there with her smooth mix of soulful vocals, electronic productions and some big pop choruses. The record proved to be a grower in terms of success and eventually gave Jessie the opportunity to tour internationally. After a re-release the singer took a break to work on her much anticipated new album, expected to be released later this year. Ware just started promoting the upcoming release of her sophomore effort with the premiere of outstanding new single ‘Tough Love’.

The great thing about this single is that it manages to do, exactly what it should be doing: it still has got Jessie’s signature sound all over it, but at the same time she spices things up by trying new things. Vocally for example, the singer takes a whole different approach on this track. Like she explained in an interview with Pitchfork, she has gained the confidence to show more of herself vocally. Although her debut Devotion is a classy quality record with beautiful vocals, in live shows she showed that she is even capable of much more when it comes to her incredibly strong and versatile voice. On ‘Tough Love’ she proves this by singing the whole track in a quite high register of her voice, which sounds refreshing and surprisingly sexy. This whole sexy vibe is not only in her vocals, but also in the smooth and understated production of the song.

The lyrics of ‘Tough Love’ are actually quite personal and emotional, dealing with missing one another in a long distance relationship. Ware’s choice for a stripped back production with all kinds of subtle sound effects, only adds to the beautiful message of the song. Her repitition of the words ‘That’s called tough love’ and ‘You’ll have me crying out, crying out for more’ is almost magical and provides a great hook to this melodically stunning piece of electronic soul. Let’s just agree that this is the smooth, sensual, sexy and warm summer breeze we were all longing for.