Eurovision 2021 Review: Lithuania – The Roop – Discoteque

The Roop gets a second chance at representing Lithuania at Eurovision
Last year’s cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest was especially sad for Lithuania. The country that only made it to top 10 twice since they started participating, was finally one of the favorites according to both the bookmakers and fan polls with the band The Roop and the song ‘On Fire’. For 2021, the Lithuanian broadcaster opted to organize another national selection and The Roop received a ticket for the final. They participated with the track ‘Discoteque’ and won with an even more impressive landslide victory than last year.

Just like last year, The Roop is planning to make Europe dance with an upbeat electronic pop number. ‘Discoteque’ is slightly darker with a more industrial feel, but in terms of catchiness, it can definitely keep up with its predecessor. The chorus is a banger and that instrumental bit after the chorus goes off. It seems that the viewers of Eurovision will still relate to the lyrics about dancing alone at the ‘discoteque right at my home’ by the time May comes around. Th Roop will definitely bring the party to the Eurovision stage and I am pretty sure we will not hear another song like ‘Discoteque’ in the competition.

And if not their song, at least their performance will be one of a kind and memorable. Like we have already seen last year, The Roop frontman Vaidotas Valiukevičius likes to go wild with eye catching choreography and lots of charisma. Some might see his performance style as a novelty act, but it will definitely still be on people’s minds even after seeing 20 other countries perform. It will be interesting to see if the juries can get behind an entry like ‘Discoteque’, but I am confident that The Roop will go down as one of Lithuania’s most successful Eurovision attempts yet.


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