Jarrod’s Best of 2016

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman

2016 has come to an end and with A Bit of Pop Music’s Fan Panel we look back at all the highs and lows of the year for the very last time. This is what Jarrod had to say about 2016 in pop music!

Best Singles

“My three favorite pop songs of the year are ‘Work’ by Rihanna, ‘Formation’ by Beyoncé and ‘Into You’ by Ariana Grande. All three songs just happened to come from some of the most popular artists of 2016. There’s no way you haven’t heard these songs and for that reason I would like to talk about three other pop songs you might not know of that I’ve had on repeat in 2016.

The first is ‘Tilted’ by Christine and the Queens which happens to be a re-worked version of her 2014 released song ‘Christine’. The song talks about embracing feeling out of place and not being able to find your balance. It’s a very light and fluffy sounding song with profound lyrics.

The second is ‘What’s Up’ by How To Dress Well. This song reminds me of the animated Disney movies pre the year 2000. It has a goofy, playful and joyous sound to it which goes well against the lyrics about sex, self-determination and love.

The third is ‘If You Let Me’ by Sinead Harnett featuring GRADES. This song emotes yearning for someone’s love. The beat and production for this song is kind of a basic version of something Flume would do which turned me off at first but I came across a video Sinead singing a stripped down version and I have now fallen for this song.”

Best Albums

“When it comes to albums I rarely find one that I like from start to finish. This year I didn’t find one that I could enjoy all the way through but a few of them came close.

One of those albums is Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. A lot of pop artists under the age of 25 seem to be struggling to find a sound that works for them or a way to tell their story through music. Ariana Grande is not one of them. Through this album she talks about being optimistic, knowing her self worth and learning from heartbreak whilst flaunting her confidence and sexual side. I’m completely head over heels for 10 out of 15 songs on this album. My favorite songs off Dangerous Woman are ‘Be Alright’, ‘Into You’, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Knew Better/Forever Boy’.

Another one of those albums would have to be one of the most talked about albums of the year, Lemonade by Beyoncé. With this album she gave me something that I didn’t know I wanted nor did I expect from her whilst keeping the general public on their toes with her controversial theme (her husband’s infidelity) throughout the album. Lemonade shows Beyoncé’s growth as an artist while remaining true to herself and not alienating her fans which is something most artists struggle with. My favorite songs off Lemonade are ‘Pray You Catch Me’, ‘Sorry’, ‘All Night’ and ‘Formation’.

Best Videos

“My Favorite music video of 2016 is ‘Formation’ by Beyoncé. I loved everything from the costumes to the hair and locations but most of all the choreography. This video wasn’t groundbreaking or anything new from your usual pop video by a female artist but this was the most impeccable music video I’ve seen all year.”

Most Anticipated Comeback for 2017:
“I’m looking forward to Katy Perry‘s comeback. In my opinion she’s one of the most underrated artists of today. She must be under a lot of pressure seeing as her most recent album Prism didn’t quite match the success of her previous album Teenage Dream. Here’s hopping she doesn’t provide us with a dull personal album and gives us a record filled with immaculate pop songs that will dominate the charts.”

New(ish) Artist to Watch for 2017:
“An up and coming artist I’m hoping gets more exposure in 2017 is Kehlani. She’s more R&B than Pop but I think she has what it takes to be constantly played on top 40 radio. She is covered in Tattoos and is naturally masculine which makes her stand out from other female artists. Check out her songs ‘Distraction’, ‘CRZY’ and ‘The Way’.”