Single Review: Troye Sivan – Easy

troye sivan easy

Troye Sivan serves us sadness with a pop chorus on new single ‘Easy’
Troye Sivan had some big news for his fans today. Other than releasing his new single ‘Easy’, he also announced that his next EP, titled In A Dream, is out on the 21st of August. It contains six tracks, including ‘Easy’ and ‘Take Yourself Home’, the rather brilliant anthem he released when most of the world was in quarantine. When he announced last week that a new single was coming, he wrote that he was ‘very very scared’ to put this song out and today he added that his ‘blood and guts’ are in ‘Easy’. This is one of his most personal and well written singles yet.

Sivan sure wasn’t lying when he described the song as ‘sadness, but make it a pop chorus’ on social media. The track he co-wrote with Oscar Görres, who also produced, is a heartbreaking tune, but with a massive chorus. The synth pop production is laid back and breezy and properly makes the chorus pop and is in stark contrast with the actually sad reality of the lyrics. Sivan sings about a relationship falling apart, where it seems he is confessing to have cheated in a period where he and his partner were growing apart. He still loves him though and does not want to break up. “What the hell did we do? Tell me we’ll make it through, cause he made it easy. Please don’t leave me”, he begs in the post chorus. The lyrics all through the tune are among his best yet and I am a sucker for these tunes that offer to dance the heartbreak away. Troye has a great understanding of what sound works for his voice and ‘Easy’ is a perfect example of this.

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