Single Review: Charlie Puth – How Long

charlie puth how long

Charlie Puth aims at another radio hit with ‘Too Long’
While Charlie Puth mostly had success with his collaborations so far (‘See You Again’ with Wiz Khalifa, ‘Marvin Gaye’ with Meghan Trainor and ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’ with Selena Gomez), the American pop singer managed to gain his first big solo hit earlier this year with the slick and seductive pop number ‘Attention’. The hook and irresistible bass loop have been dominating radio for a while now so it is time for a follow up: Charlie Puth launches single ‘How Long’, taken from upcoming sophomore album Voicenotes.

With ‘How Long’, Charlie and his team clearly aim at the repetition of the success of ‘Attention’. The new single entirely fits the same soundscape with a similar bass line going on. I gotta hand it to him though; that is another extremely radiofriendly chorus. Throw a little old school Justin Timberlake in a mix with a dash of boyband pop and a current production, and ‘How Long’ is what you get. If listeners can look past the obvious similarities with its predecessor, this will be another hit for him.

The album Voicenotes is scheduled for a January release and today he unveiled the album artwork (black and white, him in bed with an instrument, oh my, so authentic!).

UPDATE: Charlie is dancing like nobody’s watching in the music video for ‘How Long’.

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