The Ultimate Girls Aloud Top 15

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Today, it is 15 years ago that Girls Aloud released their first ever single ‘Sound of the Underground’. Don’t worry, I feel old too! But let us just take this opportunity to enjoy their best songs of all time! This is the Ultimate Girls Aloud top 15!

15. Can’t Speak French (2007)
Cheryl, Nadine, Nicola, Kimberley and Sarah have been letting the funky music do the talking for 15 years now. Normally I would warn people that the chorus of ‘Can’t Speak French’ will haunt them for the rest of the day, but with 14 more catchy tunes coming, it should be alright!

14. Jump
This Pointer Sisters cover was one of their biggest hits internationally, partly thanks to it being used as the Love Actually soundtrack. It was a nice little update to the 1984 original!

13. Life Got Cold (2003)
Girls Aloud are not exactly known for their ballads, but ‘Life Got Cold’ sure is one of the best slowies they released. It is suprisingly sad and moving for a track that followed up ‘Sound of the Underground’ and ‘No Good Advice’, showing off their versatility.

12. Something Kinda Ooooh (2006)
This might be their most bizarre chorus, but we all know it still works! Lyrically this might not be their most brilliant moment, but there is no arguing with that hook!

11. Whole Lotta History (2005)
The Best Girls Aloud ballad of all time! It seems to have taken inspiration from the Spice Girls and their 90s love songs and that is never a bad idea. Their vocals shine and the melody is deliciously vivacious.

10. Something New (2012)
Girls Aloud made a big comeback in 2012 with another compilation album and a new concert tour in the UK. ‘Something New’ was the lead single on which the girls stated they still were ‘the leaders of the pack’. With a track like that, you sure are!

09. Untouchable (2008)
Ever since the release of the utterly brilliant ‘Call The Shots’, Girls Aloud dove further into emotive synth pop with the big, soaring choruses and lyrics about relationships. ‘Untouchable’ is the best example with its stunning over 6 minute long album version!

08. Love Machine (2004)
‘Love Machine’ is Girls Aloud’s most swinging moment. I seriously have trust issues with anyone able to sit or stand still while listening to this track. You have been warned.

07. No Good Advice (2003)
‘No Good Advice’ was like a moment of truth after the band had been number 1 for weeks with ‘Sound of the Underground’. They proved themselves completely with this 80s inspired, feisty anthem.

06. Sexy! No No No… (2007)
“Boy, did you ever think that loving would be nothing more than walking me home?” Preach Girls! ‘Sexy? No No No…’ was received as one of Girls Aloud’s more progressive tunes, with an unusual structure for a pop song and some fast paced electro antics. Highly enjoyable!

05. The Show (2004)
‘The Show’ was the single that proved that Girls Aloud would not become a one day fly. It cemented production team Xenomania’s name as the go to producers for a hit. Lyrically, this might be Girls Aloud’s best!

04. The Promise (2008)
The girls brought the 60s back on their retro single ‘The Promise’, that became one of the four UK number 1’s. It was a little change of pace from their usual bop pop, but it worked wonders! Their voices and harmonies were more than on point and the chorus is one of the best they ever put their name to.

03. Biology (2005)
The Xenomenia production team made quite a few bold and quirky tracks for Girls Aloud, but ‘Biology’ does take the crown in that sense. It’s completely bonkers! The track has about four different paces and hooks, that could serve as choruses. A little pop whirlwind!

02. Sound of the Underground (2002)
15 years ago… 15 years! In retrospect it is safe to say that ‘Sound of the Underground’ was a game changing pop song when it dropped. The beats, those hypnotizing guitars and that whole industrial vibe… And then I did not even start talking about THAT CHORUS yet! What a tune!

01. Call The Shots (2007)
Did I just die and end up in Synth-pop Heaven!? ‘Call The Shots’, of course also produced by Xenomania, marked a change in the sound of Girls Aloud and simply is the perfect pop song. That soaring chorus, their vocals that have never sounded better before, the lyrics, the subtle way the backing vocals are produced; everything about it is like a warm bath.

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