Single Review: Lykke Li – Deep End / Hard Rain

Lykke Li returns with fresh sound on double single

Miss Lykke Li is officially back! The Swedish pop artist disappeared from our radar, but she had all the good reasons to do so. She released her most recent album I Never Learn back in 2014. Early 2016 she gave birth to a son. At the end of that year she formed supergroup LIV. The band released four singles, including ‘Wings of Love’ and ‘Hurts To Liv’ with Lykke on lead vocals. Now it is time for the ‘I Follow Rivers’ hitmaker to focus on her solo material again. Her fourth album So Sad So Sexy will see the light of day on the 9th of June and she drops the singles ‘Deep End’ and ‘Hard Rain’ now.

It is as if Lykke Li realised she kept us waiting too long so she decided to throw not one but two new songs at us! It is safe to say that her sound has lived through quite a transformation. While I Never Learn was her most raw and stripped back record, she brings us the hiphop inspired beats on these new tunes. ‘Deep End’ is produced by T-Minus, Malay and her partner Jeff Bhasker and they deliver! The base of the track is a hiphop beat, but Lykke drops one of the most glorious electro pop choruses I have heard in a while to go with it. It all flows brilliantly and her delivery of the lyrics about falling for someone you really should not give in to, are equally sad and sexy.

‘Hard Rain’ is the opening track of Li’s upcoming album and that intro with the layered vocals will sure draw the listeners in immediately. The track produced by Rostam gives her voice the centre stage and she hardly ever sounded better! Lyrically it is all about the moment in a relationship where you feel you still want to fight, but your partner seems to have given up. We already knew that Li is an excellent writer and she proves it once more with the last words of this song: ‘And look at us now, us is keeping us hostage.’ This is a brilliant comeback in every single way!

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