Single Review: Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Come With Us

Sophie Ellis Bextor Familia

Sophie Ellis-Bextor brings back disco on new single
When Sophie Ellis-Bextor announces a new single and describes it as disco, my young teenage heart starts to beat a bit faster. The pop star basically made the year 2001 on her own with the iconic single ‘Murder on the Dacefloor’ and the just as brilliant follow up ‘Get Over You’. Although the British pop star mostly disappeared from the international charts after this, her albums and singles continue to achieve at least some success in her home country. Album number six is called Familia and will be out in September. ‘Come With Us’ is the first single and it marks Sophie’s glorious return to disco infused uptempo pop.

With single ‘Young Blood’ and accompanying album Wanderlust from 2014, Sophie showed a whole different side to herself as an artist with an album full of well written slow singer-songwriter pop. Although the album probably gained her some new fans, some of fans who were there for the bops, might have stopped caring and it is clear the pop star with the most beautiful British accent wants them back on board now, stressing the new single and album are also inspired by disco!

To be completely honest, on first listen ‘Come With Us’ might just pass you by like a pleasant, but forgettable background tune. The trick is to give it one or two more plays in order for the track to start unfolding its beauty and hooks. ‘Come With Us’ might sound even more like disco than anything she has done before with its funky guitars and nods to the 70s in the production. The chorus becomes more catchy with every spin and her vocals still suit this style so effortlessly. Hopefully we get more of this swinging vibe on Familia, out at the beginning of September!

Update: The video is out and it is just Sophie being gorgeous.

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