Single Review: Janet Devlin – I Lied To You

janet devlin I lied to you

Janet Devlin returns with confessional new single
Janet Devlin is finally back with some new music for us. The Irish singer-songwriter who had her big break in 2011, participating in talentshow X Factor UK, dropped her most recent single ‘Outernet Song’ back in 2016 and ever since things got rather quiet. That is all about to change, as her next album Confessional is scheduled for a release next year. She treated us to the first taste ‘I Lied To You’ over the weekend!

‘I Lied To You’ was first written as a poem, back when Devlin was 19 years old. She wrote it to deal with the demons of addiction, secrets and selfdestructive behaviour. She describes the track herself as ‘quite simply an apology to the ones I love’. “I’m blessed to have such wonderful family, friends and fans that I couldn’t live with my dishonesty or move past it any more. I needed to be exonerated for my wrongs and I had to take the opportunity to confess and ask for forgiveness”, she says of a period in her life where she felt she was lying to herself and the people around her who tried to help her with her career.

This confessional message is packed in a stripped back ballad in which her fragile, emotive vocals take centre stage. Carried by just piano and some strings, her voice elegantly wraps itself around the delicate melody. ‘I Lied To You’ sounds like an important track to Janet and she got it off her chest in the most beautiful way!

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