Eurovision 2019 Review: Switzerland – Luca Hänni – She Got Me

luca hanni eurovision switzerland

Switzerland brings a bop performed by Luca Hänni
After years of failure, Switzerland is ready to make a chance in their Eurovision track record. The country only reached the final on four occasions since they were introduced in 2004. Four years in a row now, they missed out on a spot on the Saturday night. This year, the Swiss team waited until one of the last days to present their entry and tried to keep all details a secret until the very last moment. Now we finally know what is going on! They selected 24-year-old pop star Luca Hänni, who won German talent show Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar back in 2012. He will sing the track ‘She Got Me’ and it is a bop!

‘She Got Me’ was co-written by Hänni himself with help from Laurell Barker (who also co-wrote this year’s UK and German entries), Mac Frazer, Jon Hällgren and Lukas Hällgren. The track swings from start to finish and has an instantly memorable hook, which is always a plus when competing in Eurovision. After the chorus, we do get a slightly predictable instrumental breakdown, but it is all executed very well. Sure, from the start of the track you can easily predict where this is going and there are no surprises, but sometimes a Euro fan just wants to bop! In terms of style, ‘She Got Me’ is a mixture of last year’s entries by Cyprus (Eleni Foureira’s ‘Fuego’) and Czech Republic (Mikolas Josef’s ‘Lie To Me’) which both made it into the top 10. It is fun, contemporary and could easily be a hit after the contest.

So far we have only seen the music video, but I have to say it all looks promising. The post-chorus breakdown is a perfect moment to burst into some choreography and judging by the video, Luca Hänni has got some moves! I can already picture him being on stage with two male dancers/backing singers while all three of them do a routine with female dancers in glitter mini dresses, like in the video. He has got charisma and sex appeal, which could definitely help his chances with the televoters. If Luca can make sure he keeps his vocals in check while also giving a big show on stage, Switzerland will not only make it into the final, but even stands a real chance of a top 10 finish there!


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