Single Review: Zara Larsson – Love Me Land

zara larsson love me land

Zara Larsson drops unconventional new single ‘Love Me Land’
Swedish pop star Zara Larsson seemed to be working towards the release of her sophomore international album last year, but after a long string of singles ending with ‘All The Time’, things became quieter. Larsson provided a tune for the movie Klaus and appeared on Kygo’s latest album ever since and is now getting back on track with a proper new solo single titled ‘Love Me Land’. It is unexpected to say the least, but mostly in a good way!

Larsson co-wrote the track with hit makers Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter and Jason Gill, who also produced it. ‘Love Me Land’ kicks off with quite the epic intro, which immediately demands the listeners full attention. It sets the mood until a groovy beat drops, accompanied by disco-like strings in moments. Larsson’s vocal work in the verses is bold and and confident, while she goes for a softer and more subtle approach over the main hook. Said hook is lush! The soaring melody is instant and seamlessly flows into the banging middle-eight the second time it comes around. The last chorus properly goes off and shows off the quirky production.

On paper, ‘Love Me Land’ is the perfect pop song, but the only thing that I would to change is the track’s duration. ‘Love Me Land’ only lasts for 2.40 minutes and it’s just not enough to fully take in every single part of the song. The verses and choruses are fired at us in high speed and give us no chance to breathe, which makes the full experience a bit rushed. The extensive intro is at odds with the rest of the track and that last chorus deserves to last longer. Having said that, the main reason I want this track to last longer is because the different parts intrigue me and the chorus is a stunner. Either way, ‘Love Me Land’ is the most interesting piece of pop Zara Larsson has put her name to in a good while.


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