Introducing: Jess Penner

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For everyone looking for a soundtrack to their summer holidays, I have the perfect, breezy songs for you that will help you relax in the sun! Her name is Jess Penner. She released a debut album when she was only 15 years old and she is almost ready to share her new EP, called Good Times. It will be released later this summer, but the singer and songwriter from Los Angeles already gave us two of the tracks, called ‘Good Times’ and ‘Share A Little Love’, two perfectly crafted, contagious and uplifting pop songs.

A few months ago, Jess Penner introduced her new song called ‘Good Times’. It could be described as light pop rock with lighthearted lyrics and an upbeat vibe. It’s that type of song that you should sing from the top of your lungs when driving down the coast. ‘Good Times’ actually excels in simplicity. The melody is fairly straightforward, the lyrics are not difficult to remember and are repeated quite a lot, but maybe that is just what makes Jess Penner’s output so infectious and irrestible.

The same goes for the brand new single called ‘Share A Little Love’. It has the same boundless positivity, but with a little more mellow and midtempo sound, somewhat similar to the beach friendly songs Colbie Callait experienced success with. Super sweet guitar pop with crystal clear vocals that could cheer you up even on your worst days. So let the sunshine and some cocktails roll in and we are ready for the release of Jess Penner’s Good Times EP!

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