The Ultimate Kelly Clarkson Top 10

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UPDATED – Kelly Clarkson, American Idol’s first winner and without a doubt the biggest international pop star the show ever produced, is about to come back. Tomorrow not one but two new singles, ‘Love So Soft’ and ‘Move You’, will be released and we celebrate it with her by choosing her best songs for the Ultimate Kelly Clarkson Top 10!

10. Already Gone (2009)
Who doesn’t love a big Kelly Clarkson ballad with some larger than life vocals? Sure, this song didn’t reach its full potential in the charts due to it being released at the same time as Beyoncé’s ‘Halo’ (both songs are co-written and produced by Ryan Tedder), but that doesn’t make the lyrics any less heartbreaking. What a beauty!

09. Walk Away (2004)
Kelly Clarkson was at the top of her popularity in 2004 when she released her album Breakaway, which produced an endless string of worldwide hits. ‘Walkaway’ was one of them and it is not hard to hear why. This pop/rock earworm is the perfect anthem to sing on the top of your lungs when you are mad at somebody. Try it, it works!

08. Breakaway (2004)
The title track of said hit album, co-written by Avril Lavigne. That chorus is humongous and it is quite perfect to sing with your friends at a campfire when on holiday, ain’t it? The uplifting and hopeful vibe is so contagious. Makes you want to buy a ticket and fly away to see the world and those are the best songs really.

07. Behind These Hazel Eyes (2004)
‘Behind These Hazel Eyes’ is one of Kelly’s biggest hits, on which she collaborated with Dr. Luke. Although she recently admitted her label forced her to work with him and she did not particularly enjoyed it, the result is an undeniably powerful pop/rock anthem that deservedly cemented her name as one of the biggest pop stars of that moment.

06. Miss Independent (2003)
This is where Kelly’s international success after winning American Idol started. Quite a spectacular way to show off her amazing vocals to the whole world! This is about the poppiest thing she has ever done, but it never really gets old. Great song to sing with karaoke too, as seen in the video.

05. Kelly Clarkson – Never Again (2007)
My December, Kelly’s third album, marked a change to a less poppy sound, but her label, Sony Music, made sure the first single was still catchy as hell. It was a song that beautifully made the transition to a more raw and pure sound. Kelly’s anger on the track is real and that video where her ex has haunted fantasies about her, is probably the best one she ever did. Amazing!

04. My Life Would Suck Without You (2009)
After the more acoustic vibes of My December Kelly Clarkson returned to working with Dr. Luke and Max Martin and recorded the outstanding pop banger ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’, another huge international hit. Man, that chorus is just incredible and Kelly knows exactly how to sell the hell out of the tune with those mighty pipes of hers. Pop perfection!

03. Sober (2007)
‘Sober’ is easily one of the most beautiful songs Kelly Clarkson has ever put her name to. It was quite the unconventional single choice and never received the video treatment, but what better way to enjoy this than a live version? The lyrics come straight from the heart and her vocal delivery is raw, but perfect. So emotional!

02. Because of You (2004)
Talking about emotional! Kelly wrote the basis for ‘Because of You’ when she was only 16 and although her label did not really believe in the ballad, she managed to get it on her second album. After the positive reactions to the track it even became a single and the rest is history. Absolutely one of her most iconic tracks and no wonder why. The lyrics are moving and her voice is just heaven on this one.

01. Since U Been Gone (2004)
Kelly Clarkson herself might not really agree with us on this one, as she does not have positive memories about recording this tune with Dr. Luke and Max Martin, but let’s face it. It is such a banger! Easily one of the best written pop tunes released in the 00s and no one else could have sold it like she did. Moving on from the frustration over a failed relationship has never sounded so good!

Well, that was that! Did you get the feeling this list missed one of your favourites? You can still check out our Spotify playlist with 15 tunes, which includes some more recent Clarkson material. Check it out!

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