Single Review: Diana Gordon – The Legend Of

Diana Gordon The Legend Of

Diana Gordon starts over with new single ‘The Legend Of’
Diana Gordon has made some big decisions about her career over the past few months. The pop star, formerly known as Wynter Gordon, decided to change her stage name to the name her mother gave her and she is ready for a new chapter. Gordon decided to make a fresh start after she felt she didn’t receive the recognition for her music she would have liked to. Her new single ‘The Legend Of’ pretty much sums up where she stands in life right now, coming to terms with the successes and lessons she had along the way.

“All the years of hard work and dedication I have put in to my music and craft sometimes felt in vain. Constantly seeing comments about me being ‘underrated’ got to me. I wore a brave face and I tried not to let it show, but for many years I felt overlooked, I fell into depression. I let anxiety get the best of me. I’m very proud of all I have achieved but there was always something holding me back from getting ‘there'”, Gordon explained in an emotional Facebook post, celebrating the new beginning marked by the use of her real name. About the track ‘The Legend Of’ she told The Fader: “‘The Legend Of’ is a tiny cliff note of stories from my life. It blends music I enjoy, the unique tones that make up my voice and is a celebration of my achievements and lessons I’ve learned disguised as failures.”

To be honest, I was hoping for a stronger track to launch this whole new Diana Gordon. ‘The Legend Of’ is in no way a bad song, but she proved she can do better with singles like ‘Bleeding Out’ and the Doleo EP. The verses and the chorus are just not striking enough to fully grab the attention I am afraid. The lyrics feel a bit forced at times like the mention of Beyoncé, who Gordon collaborated with on three tracks on Lemonade: “I know you wanna call me your fiancé, I just got a fat cheque from Beyoncé.” It’s not all disappointing though. From the middle eight towards the outro, Gordon shows she has a gorgeous voice and is able to create unique soundscapes within the world of pop and R&B. A proper hint of what more we can expect from Diana Gordon after this statement single.

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