Song of the Day: BANKS – Gemini Feed

BANKS The Altar

BANKS turns failed relationship in swinging new track
Remember when BANKS released one of the best albums of the year 2014 with her stunning debut record Goddess? Well, she is about to do it again! The American recording artist will drop her sophomore album The Altar on the 30th of September and she just released the song ‘Gemini Feed’ as a promo single and instant pre order track. It was only a few weeks ago that first single ‘Fuck With Myself’ was released and based on these two songs it is safe to say this album will be another winner.

To be fair, BANKS is not exactly known for her swinging and uplifting output. Most of the time she graces us with a dark and electronic sound, like last year’s stunning single ‘Better’ which will not be part of The Altar¬†by the way. Although¬†‘Beggin For Thread’ was her poppiest moment so far, but it might be overthrown now by ‘Gemini Feed’. That chorus is just undeniable in every way. The production is flawless with swinging hypnotic beats and exciting vocal layers and melodically one of the best things she has ever written. Let’s not forget about the lyrics, that deal with a failed relationship. “Admit it that you wanted me smaller. If you would have let me grow, you could have kept my love”, she sings in an icy tone. What a song, people! Is it 30 September already!?

Update: The video is out and just like ‘F*ck With Myself’ it features some more extreme looks from BANKS. The scenes where her long hair runs free are gorgeous and the play between black and white is interesting.

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