Single Review: John Legend – Love Me Now


John Legend comes back swinging on romantic new single
Can you believe it is already three years ago that John Legend conquered the world again with his hugely successful piano ballad ‘All Of Me’? For months the song was on every single radio station, in every television show and probably used in every proposal as well. Luckily John is back with a brand new single that is equally romantic, but has a fresh and swinging production to go with it. The new track is called ‘Love Me Now’ and has potential to go all the way.

A new John Legend album is not yet announced, but as the first single is already out there, a follow up to 2013’s Love In The Future could not be that far away. ‘Love Me Now’ feels like a breath of fresh air in the same way Alicia Keys’ comeback single ‘In Common’ did. Both tracks got subtle, understated but at the same time completely gorgeous productions that play a big part in the tracks, but never take away from the natural vocals or the honest lyrics. There is a certain comforting vibe in the instrumentation of ‘Love Me Now’ that blends so well with Legend’s smooth vocals. You can’t help but swoon when he sings: “I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone, so I’m gonna love you now like it’s all I have. I know it will kill me when it’s over, I don’t wanna think about it, I want you to love me now.” The way the choir, produced with echoing vocal effects, sings the ‘love me now’ parts back to Legend is so infectious and it gives him room to belt over it. We cannot get enough of this! This is a glorious return for mister Legend.

Update: John Legend celebrates love in the broadest sense of the word in the music video. We get to see moving images from a refugee camp in Iraq and a couple that recovers from the shooting in Orlando.


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