Single Review: MØ – Drum


MØ is ready for next hit single in a row
The past summer has been a very successful one for MØ. The Danish pop star had her first big international solo hit with the single ‘Final Song’, and as if that wasn’t enough her collaboration with Major Lazer and Justin Bieber, ‘Cold Water’ made its way to the top of the charts as well. We are still eagerly waiting for an announcement with any news on her new album, but in the meantime we get another single to enjoy. MØ is aiming at another hit with the brand new ‘Drum’.

For MØ’s biggest fans ‘Drum’ might sound familiar, as it is one of the songs she has been performing during her recent concerts. The track, co-written by Charli XCX and Swedish artist Noonie Bao, again sounds like 2016, but it does lean a little less on (pardon the pun) the Major Lazer successes. Karen’s vocals sound glorious as always and the production is very much on point to say the least. We hear Charli’s influence in the chanting character of the chorus and the track builds up carefully with deep beats, handclaps and of course, actual drums! I am not completely sure ‘Drum’ has the same hitworthy appeal as ‘Cold Water’ and ‘Final Song’ do, but it is definitely a worthy addition to her discography. Speaking of which, bring on that second album already!

If ‘Drum’ is not yet available on Spotify in your region, listen to it here.

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