Single Review: Sia – I’m Still Here

sia I'm still here

Sia releases new single to promote shoes
Sia could be considered ‘elusive’ as she does not like to show herself to the cameras, but at the same time she is constantly everywhere! It almost feels like there is some new Sia music every single week (OK, that was a tad dramatic, but almost every month then). After a couple of soundtrack songs, one off singles and collaborations with LSD (consisting of Sia, Diplo and Labrinth), she now drops a new tune to promote a new shoe line she put her name to. The track is called ‘I’m Still Here’ and it is Sia by the numbers.

The Australian pop star started a collaboration for Maison Repetto to design shoes and what better way to promote it than with (yet another) new single? Sia lets us know on this track that she is still here (we kinda figured that one out already judging by the new music she keeps throwing at us, but OK). It is a typical Sia (of the last few years) track with an inspirational message (or at least it tries to be), a midtempo rhythm and a big, bombastic chorus. ‘I’m Still Here’ is decent enough with a serviceable melody, but we have heard it all before and way better. There is literally nothing this track adds to her discography that we haven’t heard yet. Sia has come at a point (to be fair she was there already about a year ago) where it is better to focus on quality and bringing something new and refreshing to the table than to rehash the same formula over and over again just to keep releasing something.

2 thoughts on “Single Review: Sia – I’m Still Here

  1. I agree with you but it was nice to hear the old Sia again in a new song. And the message is so strong. The chorus can only sound good with her vocals. Nobody should try to cover it. It’s sad that she is promoting shoes with such a powerful ballad.

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