Single Review: Zayn – Rainberry

zayn icarus falls.png

Zayn finally announces album and drops another new song
We finally have clarity as to where this endless string of new Zayn songs was heading. The tracks will all be bundled on 27(!!!) track long album Icarus Falls which will be released on the 14th of December. At this stage it almost looks like the label just decided to throw all Zayn’s material out there to get it over with. To ‘promote’ the upcoming release, the former One Direction star drops yet another new track; ‘Rainberry’. To be honest, Zayn makes it almost impossible for us to get excited about this release. The track is as uneventful as the white cover art with just his name on it. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Rainberry’ is a decent composition with a nice enough production, but it just misses a spark to get the listeners back on board, something that has been missing in at least half of the singles he has been dropping during this ‘era’. A new Zayn album would have sounded super exciting to me at the start of the year, but at this stage I am not looking forward to working my way through 27 mellow sounding light R&B tunes lacking any kind of climax or build up.

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