Single Review: Camila Cabello – Cry For Me

camila cabello cry for me

Camila Cabello keeps the bop coming with new track ‘Cry For Me’
Only a month ago, Camila Cabello treated us to two brand new singles and she is already moving on to the next one. After the swinging pop with Cuban influences of ‘Liar’ and the seductive pop banger ‘Shameless’, new track ‘Cry For Me’, co-written by Cabello, Ryan Tedder and producers Louis Bell and Frank Dukes, is another contemporary bop. The guitar- and drum heavy tune tells the story of the aftermath of a break up, in which Camila’s ex seems to be moving on a lot quicker than she expected. The lyrics are a bit predictable at times (I could hear the ‘cry for me’, ‘die for me’ rhyme coming from miles away), but the production slaps and the chorus properly goes off. Cabello tries her everything to get across the desperation of the lyrics with some intense vocals in the middle-eight and over the last chorus. It might be a bit much for some, but it suits this balls to the wall type of anthem. Cabello’s upcoming project titled Romance contains three fabulous tracks and counting!


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