Album of the Week: Ann Sophie – Silver Into Gold

Ann Sophie Silver Into Gold cover

Ann Sophie is the German contestant of the Eurovision Song Contest of 2015 in Vienna. She will sing her outstanding soulful pop track ‘Black Smoke’ in the big final, but she proves she is not a one trick pony on her debut album Silver Into Gold that she just released. The record could be described as a mix between pop and soul with strong vocals and enough diversity in terms of style of the songs.

Of course ‘Black Smoke’ and ‘Jump The Gun’, the song she performed during the wildcard concert of the German Eurovision preselection, are on the album but she has more to offer. She goes full uptempo pop on ‘I Don’t Know Where I’m Going’, arguably the strongest chorus on the whole album. On ‘Get Over Yourself’ she shows her feisty side with sharp lyrics about a person who tries to tell her what to do all the time. At the same time, she lays bare her vulnerability on the touching ballad ‘Lie To Me’, about not wanting to give up on a relationship, although her partner does not really love her anymore. ‘I Believed’ is just as emotional and touching.

If you are into big pop choruses with strong vocals you should definitely check out songs like ‘Have You Ever’ and especially ‘I Think It’s A Love Song’. It is also striking how well these tracks are produced. All songs have a layered production with lots of real instruments, which makes the songs sound rich and soulful. This all comes together perfectly in album closer and title track ‘Silver Into Gold’. Ann Sophie could have chosen almost any song of this record to make Germany proud in Eurovision.

Read more about her album and the Eurovision adventure in my interview with Ann Sophie.

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