Eurovision 2016 Review: Czech Republic: Gabriela Gunčíková – I Stand

Gabriela Guncikova I Stand

Gabriela Gunčíková needs to bring Czech Republic first spot in final
The Czech Republic hasn’t been very lucky in Eurovision so far. In their first three attempts, they either finished in last position or 18th out of 19. They quit for a few years and came back in 2015, hoping to finally make the final. Although the duet ‘Hope Never Dies’ was popular with the fans of Eurovision, they ended up 13th and once again did not make it. This all is about to change this year with Gabriela Gunčíková. She will perform the stunning ballad ‘I Stand’ and if this does not qualify, I don’t know what the Czech Republic could do!

‘I Stand’ starts out as a piano ballad and immediately impresses with Gabriela’s powerful vocals. Some drums and strings are added in the chorus, but throughout the whole song, her voice and the lyrics about dealing with the difficulties in our lives are the main points of focus. Luckily for all of us, she is able to pull this off live as well. She impressed during her first rehearsals live in Stockholm, which made the Czech Republic climb to the 12th place overall and the 4th place in the first semi final in the bookmakers predictions. Let us hope this will turn into reality and we hear ‘Czech Republic’ for the first time when the finalists are announced. This year they really deserve it, as they delivered one of the best songs to the whole competition.

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