Single Review: Mollie King – Back To You

Mollie King Back TO You

Mollie King tries it on her own with debut single ‘Back To You’
While girlband The Saturdays is on a hiatus, the members got some time on their hands to record their own music. Mollie King is the third of the girls to try it on her own, after Vanessa White dropped and EP and Una Healy released a single. After hits like ‘All Fired Up’, ‘Forever Is Over’ and ‘All About Us’, the last releases by the girls weren’t as successful anymore. That didn’t stop Mollie as she will try to make it to the highest regions of the British charts with her first single ‘Back To You’.

‘Back To You’ could best be described as midtempo power pop and is definitely not miles away from the sound of The Saturdays.’It is obviously about a love affair that should end, but it is too hard to stay away from that person. In an interview with Popjustice King admitted it could also be about her love for pop music, to which she keeps coming back. To be fair here, Mollie is probably not in a position where the general public is looking forward much to a solo single by one of the Saturdays and with that in mind, ‘Back To You’ just isn’t enough. It is a well produced tune, but the chorus just doesn’t cut it. She keeps repeating the sentence ‘Why do I keep coming back to you?’ while a climax doesn’t follow. The second time the chorus comes around, there is a post chorus to be enjoyed, but it does not bring the hook it really needs. The bits in the middle eight where she sings ‘back to… us two’ with just piano are beautiful and the verses are nice enough, so there was potential. Let’s hope she has some better hooks up her sleeve for later this year!

Update: The proper pop star video for the track surfaced online and makes the song better. The video is full of rewinding scenes, which looks stunning. The story has an interesting climax as well. As for the song, the repetition of the chorus works in a way, as it has been stuck in my head the whole day! Well done, team Mollie!


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