Single Review: Celine Cairo – Strong Enough

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Celine Cairo drops new single ‘Strong Enough’
Celine Cairo is ready for a new chapter. The Dutch singer-songwriter launched her debut LP Free Fall at the end of 2016 and promoted the record on tour, while also releasing live versions of the tracks as part of The Hector Sessions. Celine realized it was about time for some new material, so she starts the new year by releasing the single ‘Strong Enough’.

While ‘Strong Enough’ fits the soundscape of the Free Fall album, it sure is more subdued and understated than the upbeat synth pop takes like ‘Hello Love’ and ‘Friendly Fire’. It starts out with just piano and slowly builds into a full blown atmospheric, dreamy pop production, created with producer Jasper Zuidervaart. Needless to say Celine’s warm and soaring vocals add to the dreamy vibe the track creates.

So what is the song about? Celine explained on social media that she wrote ‘Strong Enough’ on her own, after she felt she lost her own voice a bit, always writing with other people. “I hope it strikes a chord with those of you who don’t find it easy to talk about their feelings or are close to someone who doesn’t. There is no right or wrong, everyone goes through shit in their own way. What we can do is be patient, kind and show up when that person is ready”, she states.

If that dreamy production, those ethereal vocals and the loving message of ‘Strong Enough’ don’t give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, I don’t know what will.

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