Single Review: Netta – Bassa Sababa

Eurovision winner Netta returns with new single ‘Bassa Sababa’
Last year in May, pop star Netta from Israel brought the Eurovision Song Contest trophy back to her home country. She managed to win the contest with her track ‘Toy’. Netta stood out from the beginning thanks to her appearance, bucketloads of charisma on stage, the catchiness of her tune and of course the chicken sounds she made. It became clear that Netta and her team did not yet have a plan for what do with her career if she won the contest so it wasn’t until today that she releases her first new material since Eurovision. Here is the follow up to ‘Toy’ titled ‘Bassa Sababa’.

‘Bassa Sababa’ is unsurprisingly just as bonkers as Netta’s Eurovision entry. The artist who is known for the looping of her own vocals, brings us another track full of attitude with hooks in all the right places. Just like with ‘Toy’ I did not really ‘get’ it on first listen, but after my second play, I noticed myself humming along to the instantly catchy melodies. In comparison however, the production in ‘Bassa Sabasa’ is more electronic with a loud instrumental drop after the chorus. At the same time, Netta owns the verses when she belts out with raw vocals over guitar and swinging drums. ‘Bassa Sababa’ will certainly not win over the people who did not appreciate ‘Toy’, but for those who did, this is an undeniable bop!

Netta also premiered the music video which takes place in a video game. She transforms into a pink rhino and does a chewing gum attack!

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