Single Review: Maria Mena – Not OK

maria mena not ok

Maria Mena returns after five years with anthemic new single ‘Not OK’
Maria Mena is finally back! The Norwegian pop songstress last blessed us with new music back in 2015, when she released her beautiful seventh record Growing PainsMena, known for highly personal hit singles like ‘Just Hold Me’, ‘All This Time’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna See You With Her’, has promised us that album number eight is on the way and while we are all staying at home, she is serving the first taste with the new single ‘Not OK’.

‘Not OK’, co-written by Mena and Olav Tronsmoen, who also produced the track, is everything one would hope from a Maria Mena comeback single after a lengthy period of silence. From the first seconds on, her characteristic vocals shine through while she tells another personal tale about her life. “Cause I don’t feel like being strong today, I wanna fall apart sometimes, I wanna break. Next time they ask I’ll tell the truth and I’ll say that I’m not OK”, she sings about facing her toughest moments and finding strength in opening up about them.

‘Not OK’ has a massive build up with an anthemic quality and soaring melody lines. It is not the type of tune that completely unfolds on first listen, but gets under your skin with every listen. Mena shows growth and maturity without giving up any of the qualities that made her sound so unique to begin with. ‘Not OK’ is a passionate, honest, empowering and beautifully melodic return.

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  1. So beautiful. The song text is touching and speaks to me on such a basic level. Amazing, touching, and honest. I love Maria Mena’s music.

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