Single Review: London Grammar – Californian Soil

London Grammar announces album Californian Soil and drops title song
London Grammar surprised us not too long ago by finally returning with new material three years after their sophomore album. They dropped the single ‘Baby It’s You’ in August, but there was no word about a new record yet. The good news is that this changed now, but the sort of bad news is that we still have to wait until February 12th 2021 for their third record Californian Soil to come out. At least we get to enjoy the title track straight away!

Singer Hannah Reid explained on social media how the song is very important to the band, as it was a turning point in the creation of their new record. “It’s about many different things, but mainly it’s about finding yourself. Being lost in chaos and coming out on the other side”, they write about the meaning of the tune, co-written by the three band members and co-produced with George FitzGerald and Charlie Andrew.

Where ‘Baby It’s You’ was a lighter, more danceable moment for the band, ‘Californian Soil’ is closer to their signature style, but definitely with a fresh twist. The dreamy, atmospheric and sometimes mysterious nature of their music is definitely there, but this time dressed up with a moody base of beats, cinematic strings and a bombastic nature. Reid’s vocals are equally angelic and powerful as always and ‘Californian Soil’ definitely serves some of London Grammar’s finest melodies. No wonder they named their new record after this outstanding tune!

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