Single Review: Boston Bun – Get Into It (feat. Loreen)


Loreen returns on new single by French producer Boston Bun
It has been ages since we heard anything from Loreen and her ever postponed second album keeps getting pushed back. Last year was hope giving when she came back with new single ‘Paper Light (Higher)’ and casually dropped the amazing song ‘I’m In It With You’ in August last year. Since then, all we got to hear was a cover of Swedish song ‘Under Ytan’. Loreen now breaks the silence by appearing on ‘Get Into It’, a single by French house producer Boston Bun, released on the 23rd of September.

Boston Bun delivers thick but laidback house beats inviting Loreen to give her most sensual vocal performance yet. The Swedish pop star who won the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2012 with the Europe wide hit ‘Euphoria’ seductively sings: “Let go and let us get into it. Forget about the rest when you do it, the best is when you do it to me.” She keeps her vocals subdued this time which works well with the catchy production of the track, that gives a little extra infectiousness with some ‘whew’ sound effects over the chorus. It is great to finally have another track with Loreen’s beautiful vocals on it, but please, don’t make us wait too long for some more solo material! If this sound is anything to go by for her upcoming material, I’m on board!

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