Single Review: Bruno Mars – Versace on the Floor


Bruno Mars goes romantic on new single ‘Versace on the Floor’
Bruno Mars served us attitude and confidence on his worldwide hit ‘Uptown Funk’ with Mark Ronson and his latest comeback track ’24K Magic’, but for ‘Versace on the Floor’, a new promo track taken from his upcoming third album, he returns to his more romantic side. ‘Versace on the Floor‘ is the second track officially released from the album 24K Magic, out on the 18th of November. The pace is slower, but the track is just as sexy as his other recent work!

’24K Magic’ received some mixed reactions, but has been doing well in the international charts anyway. The retro funk is still very much hot at this stage and for ‘Versace on the Floor’ Bruno travels back in time as well, to the glory days of the early 90s. The soulful R&B ballad sounds like something Michael Jackson or even Babyface could have released. Lyrically Mars balances between being romantic and smooth and sensual talking about how clothes will come off and end up on the floor. His vocals are outstanding as per usual and the middle eight is quite spectacular! 24K Magic is shaping up to be an interesting and diverse record!

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