Single Review: Conchita Wurst – To The Beat

wurst to the beat.jpg

Conchita Wurst launches fourth single of new project
Conchita Wurst announced earlier this year that a new project with a new name was coming. The Eurovision winner now makes electronic pop under the name WURST. After the experimental ‘Trash All The Glam’, catchy tune ‘Hit Me’ and the atmospheric ‘See Me Now’, the next track of the project is ‘To The Beat’. The tracks all fit in the same sonic universe, but individually bring something different to the table. ‘To The Beat’ is a midtempo pop song with an instantly catchy chorus. It almost sounds like a reimagined 90s R&B classic, as the hook is so smooth and contagious. Lyrically, WURST once again delivers a powerful message that encourages everyone to dance to the beat of their own drum. When WURST releases an album we will all be dancing to the beat of that though!

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