Gig Review: Kate Boy at Melkweg

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Kate Boy brings electro pop to ADE
Amsterdam is currently celebrating the huge Amsterdam Dance Event where every club and concert venue is organising special shows. Every top DJ from all around the world travels to the Dutch capital for one of the biggest party’s of the year. The club and concert venue Melkweg set up a night of electronic pop during this festival and invited the Swedish and Australian electronic band Kate Boy to perform. The trio does not yet have an album out (One will be released in November) but they have enough material to give an hour long energetic show full of dark, but swinging electro pop.

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Gig Review: Marina & the Diamonds at Melkweg

Marina and the Diamonds Melkweg

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Marina & the Diamonds treats Amsterdam to fresh ‘froot’
It is hard to define where Marina & the Diamonds stand in today’s music scene. She is still to have her first proper hit in the Netherlands, but at the same time she easily sells out her gig in de Melkweg. Although her songs are not played on radio here, she has an impressive and especially dedicated fanbase as people are lining up in front of the venue hours and hours before the concert starts. Her career obviously flourished in the digital age where she was able to build a following online, but what is it about Marina that makes all the young girls and gay guys go crazy?

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Gig Review: Songbird Sessions with Rae Morris, Jon Allen, Andreas Moe and Roo Panes

Rae Morris Melkweg
Rae Morris

Songbird Festival hosts an evening full of talented singer-songwriters in Amsterdam
Every year, Songird Festival organizes a weekend full of talented singer-songwriters in Amsterdam. With the Songbird Sessions concept, a few of those talented people who once played there, do a little intimate tour in club venues throughout the Netherlands. Last night, they started in de Melkweg in Amsterdam. Jon Allen, Rae Morris, Andreas Moe and Roo Panes all played a set in the capital city. It was an evening full of strong voices and beautiful songs.

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Gig Review: Tove Lo and Urban Cone at Melkweg

Tove Lo Melkweg Amsterdam

Sex, drugs and electronic pop with Tove Lo in Amsterdam
About a year ago, not many people in the Netherlands would know who Tove Lo is, but after the huge success of her single ‘Habits (Stay High)’, the Swedish singer gained quite a following. Her first gig in Amsterdam was planned for January, but after doctors discovered a polyp on her vocal chords, she had to rest for a while. Meanwhile, her new show was upgraded from the smaller ‘Oude Zaal’ to the ‘Max’ because of the raising popularity of this pop phenomenon. So what did we get in the Melkweg? Loads of sex, drugs and electronic pop.

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