Video Review: Troye Sivan – Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy (Wild, Fools, Talk Me Down)

Troye Sivan Blue Neighbourhood cover

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Troye Sivan premieres final part of Blue Neighbourhood trilogy
For the people who don’t know him yet: Troye Sivan is a singer, songwriter, actor and vlogger from Australia, but born in South Africa. He is rapidly turning into the next big thing with the release of the so called Blue Neighbourhood trilogy. This string of three music videos accompanying his singles gained a lot of buzz all over the internet, which is the perfect build up to the release of his debut full length album with the same title, which will be released in December. Seriously, if you have 12 minutes of your precious time spare, it is definitely worth it to watch this short movie.

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Single Review: Sharon Doorson – Electrify

Sharon Doorson Electrify cover

Sharon Doorson is back with uplifting new single
Sharon Doorson revived her music career when she participated in The Voice of Holland in 2012. Although she did not reach the finals, she signed a contract and released successful singles like ‘Fail In Love’ and ‘High On Your Love’. With her dance pop, she filled a gap in the Dutch music market at the right time. Now, Sharon is ready to move on with a new sound that is less dancy, but more orientated towards pop and R&B. The first single of her new project is the uplifting ‘Electrify’.

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Video Review: Say Lou Lou – Nothing But A Heartbeat

Say Lou Lou Nothing But A Heartbeat video

Say Lou Lou invite fans into their dream worlds in short film
The Swedish-Australian twin sister pop duo Say Lou Lou has released a video for their latest single ‘Nothing But A Heartbeat’. The girls have been teasing us with a lot of photos and short fragments of this project they are very excited about. They premiered the short film about lucid dreaming (a dream in which the dreamer realizes the events are not real) on the internet earlier today and I have to say I am impressed by this moving work.

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